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  Patricia Norris  BS, LMT
 I came to the practice of bodywork in 1994 via body-centered meditation practice called Vipassana or Insight Meditation.  My work is an extension of a body-cantered awareness honed by a lively Zen practice.  My bodywork emphasis is in injury management, using orthopedic massage and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) to promote speedy injury recovery and neuromuscular rebalancing for acute and chronic muscular conditions.  Many clients come to me through referral for injury relief.  They often remain long past healing for ongoing muscular maintenance and pure and simple deep relaxation massage. 

Wendy Street,  LMT
 Both my mother and my  grandmother had healing hands.  So the power of touch to  communicate, nurture and soothe has always seemed second nature  to me.  Oregon School of Massage qualified me to work with my  hands in 1990.  
 Through practice, education and consultation with my  colleagues,  and western and alternatinve physicians, the scope of my work  continues to expand.  Reiki, reflexology, lymphatic drainage  massage  and therapeutic stretching are a few areas of study I  have pursued.

 Over the years I've worked closely with clients to advance healing time  for injuries and accidents,  It's been my privilege to see many women through their pregnancies.  Clients of all ages from children to seniors have received relaxation and ease at my table. 

I love my work.

Susan T. Cassard,  BS, LMT
 In practice since 1985 my experience is wide and varied.  My primary focus is Sports Massage from my lifelong involvement with the soccer community.  I continue to learn new techniques as life brings new challenges to friends, clients and family.  
My business practice at Innerweave is precious to me with colleagues giving and exchanging experience and support.


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